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Kid Interest Class

The age of 4-6 years old is an important stage for children's art education as it is a period of significant cognitive and creative development. During this stage, children are in the process of developing their symbolic and aesthetic perception, which lays a foundation for their future artistic endeavors.

The focus of art education for children in this age group should be on cultivating their observation ability, developing their creativity, training their basic artistic modeling ability, and guiding their language expression ability. Painting and composite materials are the main tools used for interesting creations that allow children to explore their creativity and imagination.

It is also important to introduce children to the world's most influential art masters, such as those from Australia, the United States, Italy, and other countries. By learning about the artist's career story, creative concept, and work style in a way that children can understand, they can gain small knowledge of art history and improve their artistic accomplishment.

Incorporating international teaching materials can provide a global perspective on art and expose children to a range of artistic styles and techniques. This can help them develop a more nuanced understanding of the art world and inspire them to explore their own creativity in new and exciting ways.

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